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  • What is a Vineyard Church, and do you do wine tasting?

    About 5 or 6 years ago, Jen and I arrived at church early for worship practice. We recognised all the cars in the carpark aside from one. As we started unloading a man hopped out of this vehicle and asked us: “Hey, just wondering if you do wine tasting here?” We responded in the negative…

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  • A Christmas Letter from Chris and Jen

    Hello friends! It’s difficult to believe that 12 months ago, we didn’t know most of you. Toowoomba Vineyard Church was just a pipe dream, an idea with no clear plan to come into reality. At least for us! God seemed to know what he was up to. On Sunday January 15 2023, we met in…

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  • How should Christians vote in the Voice referendum?

    In just a few weeks time, Australia will go to the polls to decide whether a First Nations Voice should be enshrined in our constitution. I don’t know about you, but my social media feeds have gone into overdrive since the date announcement a few weeks ago. Jen and I have recently had questions about…

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