Our vision

God’s vision for his world

God’s vision for the world, according to the bible, is to make all things new. It’s to see all the hurt, pain, and brokenness in his good creation wiped away. It’s to see God back on his throne, where he belongs, so things can be the way they’re supposed to be. Jesus called this state of being ‘the Kingdom of God’. 

When Jesus came to earth, his job was to share this good news about God’s Kingdom. He let people know about God’s coming Kingdom and demonstrated it by healing the sick, raising the dead, and restoring dignity to those society wouldn’t accept. Despite this, he was killed by the very people he came to serve—but incredibly, God raised him from the dead. In his death Jesus dealt with the root cause of all brokenness—sin. And in his resurrection he made a way for us to experience a foretaste of the beautiful new life God has planned for us in eternity. 

Jesus—who we now understand to be God’s own Son—chose not to take this news to the world himself. Instead, he sent the friends he’d invested in deeply over the years, his disciples. But he didn’t send them alone. God released his spirit to dwell in and amongst Jesus’ followers, to help them continue his mission. Jesus also promised that he would return one day, to fulfil God’s vision to make all things new.

Between now and then, the job of Jesus’ followers remains the same as those first disciples. It’s to both show and tell people the good news of God’s vision for his world, in partnership with him.

Our little piece

That’s a grand plan, and obviously, no church or community can do that all on their own. Rather, we believe God has tasked Toowoomba Vineyard Church with just a little part of that vision for our city and region.

Jesus once said “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest… rest for your souls.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

We live in a time where many people are weary and burdened. Our vision is to be a church where people can experience the deep, soul-nourishing rest that comes from walking with Jesus, and learn to share that with others.

What that looks like

If we’re living out our vision as a church, we will see:

  • People discovering or rediscovering the joy of following Jesus
  • A spiritually and emotionally healthy church culture
  • Healing for the broken, a home for the lost, rest for the weary, and dreams for the poor
  • Ordinary people being equipped end energised to do the work of God’s Kingdom every day of the week
  • A positive relationship with our city, rooted in love and service
  • New churches planted in our region and beyond that carry the Vineyard DNA


If you’re interested in finding out more about Toowoomba Vineyard Church, we’d love to connect.