Church Planting FAQs

Why plant a new church in Toowoomba?

We’re under no illusions that we’re the answer to all of Toowoomba’s problems, but we do believe that the Vineyard flavour of church has something to offer the city and its people.

What is the Vineyard?

The Vineyard is a Christian movement that rose to prominence in the 1990’s under the leadership of John Wimber. Wimber believed that Christianity wasn’t just about believing the right things and going to church — instead, it was about ‘doing the stuff’ we read about in the bible. The Vineyard is characterised by its desire to find a ‘radical middle’ between principles seemingly in tension, such as:

  • The work of Holy Spirit today, and the teaching of the bible
  • The power of God at work in our lives, and the heartbreak of a broken world
  • Cultural relevance, and a commitment to Christian orthodoxy
  • Unconditional welcome for all, and a desire for personal transformation
  • Freedom from empty religion, and a commitment to Christian practice

So you’re planting a church.
What’s the plan?

After moving to Toowoomba in May 2022, we spent time getting to know the city, its people, current issues, and the leaders of other churches. It’s our strong desire to plant the church that Toowoomba needs, not the church that we want.

In 2024 our focus is on growing our sense of community through small groups, investing in our kids ministry, and finding creative ways to love our city.

Can I join the church plant?

I can’t join you, but I’d love to help.
What can I do?

That’s kind of you! There are a few ways you can help:

What’s with your logo?

We’ve been doing church for a long time and think the scribble pretty accurately reflects the experience… we wouldn’t have it any other way.


If you’re interested in finding out more about Toowoomba Vineyard Church, we’d love to connect.